On The Beach Free Covid Tests

Holidays in the sun are finally making a comeback and to help you enjoy the warmer weather even more, on the beach are offering free covid-19 tests to everyone who you are travelling with.

This is a really good deal because Covid tests are not cheap and up until now passengers have had to pay the full cost of getting these tests done.

How does it work we hear you ask? Well, quite simply you just need to book a holiday which departs from 1st November 2021 right up until the end of October 2022. Once you have done this, On the beach will give you full details regarding the covid test and of course cover 100% of the cost!

It really is this simple and allows you to focus on the task in hand of looking forward to your next holiday and not having to pay for expensive testing!

Some great booking deals too
Not only are they offering free testing, but they have some fantastic offers too. These include super low deposits from just £30!